Wednesday, August 27, 2014

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I've always been in love with harley davidson t-shirts because they just look so effortlessly cool and not to mention extremely easy to style! So you can imagine how stoked i was when i came across this vintage reconstructed harley davidson top on one of my favorite online vintage stores Tunnel vision. Instead of pairing it with my normal go- to high waist levi shorts i thought it would be cute and comfy to through it on with my new urban outfitter maxi skirt and a fun pair of statement boots! I use to not really be into maxi skirts but just recently i started trying them out and i actually really like them now! The maxi skirt that i am wearing in the above photos is perfect for the fall and winter because the material is extremely thick! I wore this out the other day and just about fainted in this 100 + degree Arizona heat so i'm definitely going to pack this one up for now and bring it out once this Arizona heat starts to back off a little, which is usually around mid october or so.Do you guys have any Labor day plans this weekend? I'm hoping to be in San diego for the long weekend but its not set in stone yet (fingers crossed)! Also, know of any stores have good labor day sales? If so leave me a comment! See ya next post!

The details

glasses: c/o zeroUv

halter top: Tunnel

skirt: urban outfitter sale section

spider cuff: bettys vintage


shoes: Matisse footwear

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I just discovered my love for kaftan dresses over the summer. I've always admired them in stores and on other girls but i never tried the style out on myself until this summer and it was love at first try on lol. Kaftans are seriously so beautiful and elegant and extremely 70's which i love! Not to mention you feel like your walking around in your pajamas when you're wearing one of these! I picked up this kaftan at a vintage shop in LA over the summer. As soon as i saw it i was just in awe at the vibrant color combinations and knew it just had to come home with me! So yay for finding another article of clothing that fits my noho mix style and also mommy friendly! See ya next post!

The details

head to toe vintage.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

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I said in a few post down that i was thinking of doing a birthday video haul but now i don't really see the point since i've pretty much been wearing my presents in these past few post haha! The stunning bells that i am wearing above are from novella royale which was another lovely gift i received on my birthday last week! Being that i am new mom with a 6 month year old it's extremely hard to actually find time in the morning to get dressed and look the way I want because my little boy keeps me so incredibly busy!When getting dressed i have a insanely short amount of time to pull a look together and get out the door. That's another huge reason as to why i am so in love with boho style because believe it or not it's actually extremely "mommy friendly" due to the loose soft and usually flowy nature of the clothes! So to any new moms out there that have a small window of time to get dressed in the morning, i suggest investing in a few bells, flowy dresses, kimonos, oversized slouchy tees and maxi skirts! If you have these few essentials in your wardrobe it will seriously save a lot of time in the morning and you''l still look put together and stylish! See ya next post!



kimono/cardigan: Urban sale section

tank: free people(old)

bells: Novella Royale

jewlery: The short silver choker necklace:forever21

silver short crescent moon necklace:

long silver crescent moon necklace: waiste vintage

Sunday, August 24, 2014

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This look was definitely inspired by the one and only Jimi Hendrix. We all know he was a outstanding musician but his style was simply incredible! He just looked so effortless in anything he put on and he could layer clothing like no ones business!I've been finding myself looking up Jimi hendrix photos on pinterest and taking serious notes on his bohemian style because no one could do rock and roll -bohemian better than Mr. Hendrix himself! I am truly inspired by his spirit and style.I spotted this dress on freepeople a couple of weeks ago and i didn't hesitate to order is as soon as a laid my eyes on it! I Knew it would make the perfect birthday present to myself because its everything i could want in a dress! This dress is giving me 70's boho realness and i couldn't be more in love.I'm thinking about picking it up in another color as well! The turquoise squash blossom necklaces that i'm wearing has seriously became my number one wardrobe staple. You'll rarely catching me with out it! I purchases it late spring and it honestly has barley left my neck since then. See you guys next post!

The details

hat : free people

dress: free people

shoes: Jeffrey campbell via nasty gal

glasses: saltwater gypsy

vest: vintage

jewelry: vintage and pylo

Saturday, August 23, 2014

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I have always been obsessed with bell bottoms since i was a young teen. I seriously blame my mom for my bell bottoms and all things boho obsession. IT's crazy how bell bottoms really exploaded fashion this summer because it makes them so much easier to find now! These vibrant colorful bells that i'm wearing to day are seriously so much fun! I have a ton of different ways i plan on styling these! I also love how the base background is black so i can totally rock these all through out fall and winter with a bad ass vintage tee and leather! The options are endless.Oh and this is just a fair warning that i will be doing a ton of bell bottom post coming up because that's pretty much all i have been stocking up on lately. See ya next post!


blouse: vintage

hat: free people

jewlery:pylo and h&m

sunglasses: saltwater gypsy

bell bottoms: spell design

kimono cape: mom's via gypsy warrior

Thursday, August 21, 2014

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Today i turned 25 years old and I seriously can not believe how fast my twenties are flying by! I spent the day with the people closes to me and i had a really laid back peaceful day.For dinner i decided to throw on one of my birthday presents which is this perfect boho styled maxi that i'm wearing above from Novella Royales new line and i am absolutely in love with this maxi! Not to mention how easy its going to be to transition this piece over into the fall and winter months! I received a few other novella pieces for my b-day which i will hopefully be showing you guys in a haul and in future post! Novella royale is definitely becoming my go-to brand right about now.The look,quality and fit just can't compare. Sorry to cut my first post back so short but i had a long fun filled day and it's getting late and i need to get some sleep because my little boy will have me up and at it by 6 am. haha i'm such a mom now,its seriously so funny but hey, I'll see ya next post!


Dress: Novella royale

hat: Free people

shoes: vintage justin boots

jewlery from waist and lilacs in the sun.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

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The Details

Glasses:C/O ZeroUV

blouse: Urban outfitters
pants:c/o GJG Denim
shoes:Jeffery Campbell
Jewelry:forever21 and h&m
This outfit or some form of this combination is my go-to when i just have absolutely no idea what to wear or simply don't have the energy to even care! With being a new mom, there are plenty of mornings that my little one keeps me busy and i just have to throw on something and go and this is usually it! I think every girl should keep a few over sized slouchy tees and a great pair of fitting black skinny's in her wardrobe! At the moment i am really obsessed with cotton over sized circle shirts like the one i am wearing in this photo! They're so practical yet stylish and super easy to style! And not to mention, extremely mommy- friendly for all of you blogger moms out there! Mt favorite places to get circle over sized shirt are urban and freepeople! I know i have already said this, but man! It feels so good to me back to blogging again! Definitely starting to feel like my old self again!